Brand Ambassadors + Promotional Staff


Are available for all your promotional needs from gorilla marketing to high end promotions. We staffed promotions for popular energy drinks, swimsuit designers, cosmetic companies, liquor companies and many more at every type of event whether it be a large Hollywood premiere party or a local festival.


Will promote your new brand or product with skill and knowledge, spiking the interest about your brand. Whether it be the newest video game hot on the scene or the launch of a new clothing brand, we guarantee your attendees will be engaged and informed about your new product.  Our staff will arrive early so they are fully trained and informed about the product before the event begins.


Are a fun way to greet your guests and direct them to the festivities. They are there to give you the extra support you may need to answer guests questions regarding the event; direct them to different areas or let guests know where the coat check is.


Give your party that little extra pizazz you may want by using our gorgeous staff as fillers to get your party started and the guests on the dance floor. These seasoned party-goers come dressed theme accordant and are ready to create your desired effect.

Let us enhance the appearance of your next event.