200 Proof Staffing specializes in providing beautiful bar staff that are hand selected for your event.


A barback is a critical part of running an efficient bar during an event.

Brand Ambassadors + Promotional Staff

Our engaging promotional staff will knock the socks off any guest at your event.

Catering Staff

A critical component so your event goes off without a hitch.

Cocktail + Bottle Service

Our staff will serve your guests who are more comfortable away from the bar to keep them a priority as well.

Door + Check In Staff

Let our staff be the first friendly face your guests see upon arrival and they can greet, check in and direct your guests into the event.

Event Captains

Let the 200 Proof Staffing event captains help your event be a success.


Did someone say Delivery? 200 Proof now has qualified staff to fit your delivery needs!

Let us enhance the appearance of your next event.